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Gold Plan (14 yrs & 6 months or older) 30hrs class time & 6hrs BTW with an Instructor. Bronze Plan (15 yrs & 6 months or older) 30 hrs class time only.  To get the most out of today’s drivers, you need a great program. Arvada Driving School has created a unique program that allows everyone to reach their potential quickly and efficiently while reducing daily driving stress.

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Our schedule is always up to date and listed online. Any changes to the upcoming schedule including last minute cancellations or added classes will always be posted for your convenience. You can always view the latest schedule right here.

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Arvada Videos

Arvada Driving School offers an incredible list of online videos. Available only to those registered for class, your instructor will provide with access to these videos for anytime viewing. It’s time to Drive! Let’s do it together

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Arvada Driving school offered my child a very informative, comfortable environment allowing my son to not only enjoy the classes but excel in them.

Ben Pyatt is a one of a kind teacher and is excellent with kids. This is why I have sent 3 of my children through Arvada Driving School classes in the last 5 years.

– Cindy S from Colorado