Arvada Driving School Course Curriculum

To get the most out of today’s drivers, you need a great program. Standard drivers training books and lecture-based learning does not work for everyone. Arvada Driving School has created a unique program that allows everyone to reach their potential quickly and efficiently while reducing daily driving stress.

Arvada Driving School is not only for teens, but for those that may want to brush up on their driving techniques, break a few bad driving habits or even for those that may just be starting to drive later in life.

We work with teens and parents to make them safer drivers and better teachers or mentors to their children while learning to drive and beyond.

  • Arvada’s drivers ed curriculum is a functional and comprehensive program that addresses needed driving skills and influences teens to create a positive and assertive attitude toward driving in today’s society.
  • Our curriculum covers defensive driving principles and teaches the student to focus In-depth, to maximize learning comprehension, application and to retain these key driving principles.
  • Key skills and concepts are of primary focus during every training session and are presented multiple times during each session and across every driving scenario we cover.
  • Each and every student is engaged through a mixture of in-class, online and individual driving. Interactive – We engage each student through a rich mix of learning methodologies including DVD instruction, and individual exercises.
  • Arvada Driving School offers flexible course sessions to accomodate busy schedules like work and school.
  • Gold Level and Online drivers education programs.
  • Certified and Trained Instructors.
  • Online Videos.

Our driver education curriculum embodies a variety of driving concepts

Fundamental Skills, Concepts and Understanding

  • Vehicle Control
  • Signals, Signs, and Road Markings
  • Driving laws & tests
  • Parking

Driving Intelligently

  • Alcohol and Drugs.
  • Hazardous Driving Conditions like snow, sleet and freezing rain.
  • Limited Visibility.
  • Seat Belts and the Law.
  • New Driver Risks.
  • Vehicle Safety.
  • Vehicle Maintenance.
  • Speeding.

Arvada Driving School offers convenient Online Classes and easy Online Registration.


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